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Chiang Mai, Thailand

We make this trekking tour every day.

Pick up time at your hotel or guesthouse is about 08:00 to 08:30 h.

You will be back in Chiang Mai at about 18:00 hours.


# Remark: For the optional activities at least 2 people of your group must join!

# Remark: Our elephants are of good health, without chains and hooks. They are free and happy. We do not use elephants to work or perform. And we enforce a strict No Riding Policy.

You will get some information about elephants. The guide will show you the basics of how to get on, how to control, how to ride and feed them. You can take photographs with the elephants. After that you can bring an elephant to the river to enjoy bathing and brushing your elephant.

What to bring on a trek

This trek goes to the north of Chiang Mai. Departure of the trek is about 08:30 h. We use a converted Pick up truck for transportation because we need 4WD in some areas.

We will be back in Chiang Mai at about 18:00 h.

Jungle walk through the mountains north of Chiang Mai Tour group in the mountains of Chiang Mai Hilltribe village in the mountains of Chiang Mai

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