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Thai Kitchen Cookery School

Thai Kitchen Cookery School

Tubtim - Tuk and his family run the original and only Cooking School in Chiang Mai. You chop, cook and make all your own sauces. This is not a demonstration or jigsaw puzzle course. The cookbook consists of original family recipes handed down from generation to generation and now to YOU. It is not a copied cook book.
Tubtim and Tuk will welcome you into his family home to teach you the secrets of Thai cooking!!

All courses include:

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Select Course THB / Person Your / Person Duration Pick-up Time Dishes
Full Day Course: 6
Morning Course: 4
Afternoon Course: 4
Evening Course: 4
Private Course: 6

You can choose from up to 5 categories of food.

We will pick up customers from up to 3 kilometers from downtown Chiang Mai.

You can book by Email or by phone:

Tel: +66 (0)629645112 (Mobile)

To book please state:

  1. Your name (same as you used for hotel reservation)
  2. Number of persons
  3. Cooking Class
  4. Where to pick you up (hotel or guesthouse)

Our Menu

A. Curry Paste

Dry spicy pork curry paste Dry Spicy Pork Curry Paste

1.Green Curry Paste (Nam Prig Gaeng Khiew Wan)
2.Red Curry Paste (Nam Prig Gaeng Ped)
3.Yellow Curry Paste (Nam Prig Gaeng Kari)
4.Massaman Curry Paste (Nam Prig Gaeng Massaman)
5.Sour Curry(Nam Prig Gaeng Som)

B. Curry

Green Curry Green Curry

1. Green Curry (Gaeng Khiew Wan)
2. Red Curry (Gaeng Ped)
3. Yellow Curry (Gaeng Kari)
4. Massaman Curry (Gaeng Massaman)
5. Jungle Curry (Gaeng Pa)
6. Panaeng Curry (Gaeng Panaeng)
7. Thai-Myanmar Curry (Gaeng Hungley)
8. Dried Fish Curry (Chu Chee Pla)
9. Sweet & Sour Curry (Gaeng Kua)
10. Sour Curry (Gaeng Som)
11. Dried spicy Pork Curry(Naam Prig Ong)

C. Stir - Fried

Chicken with cashew nuts Chicken with Cashew Nuts

1. Chicken with Cashew Nuts (Gai Pad Med Ma Muang)
2. Chicken with Hot Basil Leaves (Pad Grapao Gai)
3. Chicken with Ginger (Gai Pad Khing)
4. Sweet & Sour mixed Vegetables with Pork or Chicken (Pad Priew Wan)
5. Ear Mushrooms with Eggs (Pad Hed Hoo Noo)
6. Beef / Pork in Oyster Sauce (Nua /Moo Nam Mun Hoy)
7. Crispy Pork with Kale (Kana Moo Grob)
8. Glass noodles with vegetables (Pad Wun Sen)
9. Pork with Red Curry Paste and Long Yard Beans (Pad Prig Khing)
10. Morning Glory (Pad Pug Bung Fai Daeng)
11. Pepper and garlic Pork (Moo Tod Kratiam Prigtai)
12. Stir fried Loofah Gourd(Pad Buab)

D. Noodles

Thai fried noodles Thai Fried Noodles

1. Thai Fried Noodles (Pad Thai)
2. Big Flat Rice Noodles with Black Bean Sauce (Pad Siew)
3. Noodles Soup (Guey Tiew Nam)
4. Chiang Mai Noodles Soup (Khao Soi)
5. Spicy Big Flat Rice Noodles (Pad Guey Tiew Khee Mao)
6. Stir Fried Noodles with Thick Sauce (Guay Tiew Rad Na)
7. Dry Noodles(Guay Tiew Haeng)

E. Soups

Hot & Sour Prawn Soup Hot & Sour Prawn Soup

1. Hot & Sour Prawn / Chicken Soup (Tom Yam Gung/Gai)
2. Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai)
3. Cucumber Soup (Tom Chued Taeng Gwa)
4. Rice Chicken Soup (Khao Tom Gai)
5. Tofu Soup (Tom Jued Tao Hu On)
6. Egg Soup (Tom Jued Khi Nam)
7. Glass Noodle Soup(Tom Jued Wun Sen)

F. Thai Salads

Thai Beef Salad Thai Beef Salad

1. Thai Beef Salad (Yam Nua)
2. Spicy Chicken / Pork Salad (Lab Gai / Moo)
3. Spicy Mushroom with Tofu (Lab Hed Gub Tao Hoo)
4. Spicy Glass Noodle Salad (Yam Wun Sen)
5. Papaya / Mixed Fruits Salad (Somtam / Tam Pholamai Ruam)
6. Spicy Squid Salad (Yam Pla Mueg)
7. Crispy Pork Salad(Yam Moo Krob)

G. Dip Fried & Steamed

Spring Rolls Spring Rolls

1.Dip fried fish with sweet & sour sauce (Pla Sam Rod)
2. Thai Fried Rice (Khao Pad)
3. Spring Rolls (Poh Pia)
4. Thai Stuffed Omelet (Khai Yad Sai)
5. "Son In Law" Eggs (Khai Look Khoei)
6. Paradise Pork (Moo Sawan)
7. Fish Cake (Tod Mun)
8. Thai Herbal Chicken (Gai Samun Prai)
9. Steamed Fish Curry (Hor Mog)
10. Pan Steamed Mussels with Thai Herbs (Hoy Ob)
11. Fried Tofu with Four Flavour Sauce (Tao Hoo See Rod)
12. Steamed Tofu with Mushroom Sauce (Tao Hoo Song Kruang)
13. Deep Fried Bread with Minced Pork (Khanom Pang Na Moo)
14. Chicken / Pork / Beef Satay (Gai / Moo / Nua Satay)
15. Fried banana (Gluay Tod)
16. Banana in coconut milk (Gluay Puad Chee)
17. Steam Banana Cake (Khanom Gluay)
18. Candied sweet potato / pumpkin (Mun Chuem / Fug-thong Chuem)
19. Sticky rice with yellow mango (Khao Niew Ma Muang)
20. Sweet tapioca balls with young coconut(Sakoo Piag Maprao On)

H. Desserts

Steamed Banana Cake Steamed Banana Cake

1. Fried Banana with Ice-cream (Gluay Tod)
2. Banana in Coconut Milk (Gluay Buad Chee)
3. Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Coconut Cream
4. Sticky Rice with Ripe Mango

Dried fish curry Dried Fish Curry
Yellow curry Yellow Curry
Massaman curry Massaman Curry
Panaeng curry Panaeng Curry
Stir fried noodles with thick sauce Stir Fried Noodles with Thick Sauce
Chiang Mai noodle soup Chiang Mai Noodle Soup
Pork satay Pork Satay
Big flat rice noodles with black bean sauce Big Flat Rice Noodles with Black Bean Sauce
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