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You can choose from 4 different pickup times:

You zip line easily from tree to tree on a spectacular and gradual downhill course, taking time to linger in your favorite places, soaking up the fragrance, clean air and animal life. Our safety team accompanies you and teaches you how to move through the trees with the speed and grace of a young gibbon.

Our unique system of ziplines allows guests up into the rainforest canopy layers, but minimizes our impact on the plant and wildlife in the area. You will get up close and personal with the plant life, but with minimal contact - almost like you are floating through the rainforest!
Our guides are native Thai and know a tremendous amount about the area. As questions come up on your tour, please, ask your guides questions! They will appreciate your interest. Keep your eyes peeled on the tour for unusual plant and animal life. Recognized as a hotspot of biodiversity, this climax old growth forest supports a huge range of plant, animal and bird life.

If you are coming to Chiang Mai on vacation with your family, please come by! We don't have a minimum age for kids - the main criteria is that they are a minimum of 120cm (4 feet tall). Young children are often taken in tandem - either by a responsible adult or a guide. Maximum weight is 150kg (330lbs) which is the max weight of the full harness. Our zip lines and rigging systems greatly exceed international standards.

Things to Know

What about kids?
There is not a minimum age but we do have a minimum height of 120cm (4 feet tall) to fit in the harness properly. Young children are often taken in tandem - either by a responsible adult or a guide.

Is there a discount for kids?
There are no discounts for children as although we love to have them - they often require extra care from our staff. But this is definitely a family-friendly adventure!

What is the maximum weight?
The maximum weight is 150 kg (330 lbs) which is the max weight for the full-body harness. Our zip lines and rigging systems are engineered to hold much more than this and greatly exceed international standards.

Is it dangerous?
You are led by experienced guides who show you the easy way to be connected to safety lines continuously. Our double lock system ensures that you can indulge in your happiness safely!
Your safety is of paramount importance to everybody at Skyline Adventure.
Our equipment made to the highest international standards. We import only top quality climbing rope - the same rope used by commandos in armed forces round the world. We train our staff rigorously and intensively, with daily inspections and regularly replacement. We guarantee our perfect safety record!
With Skyline Adventure's exclusive and considerate safety, it's a perfect adventure for people of all ages. We've given the service to the customers from 4 to 75 years old. Our adventure is also been an acclaimed birthday gift for many customers, the love activator of families, friends and couples.

Do you operate during monsoon season? If so, how does the weather affect the tour?
We operate year-round. Monsoon season is one of our favourite times of year, many people have the misconception that it rains continuous heavy downpours for months on end - the truth is quite different - here in Ban Nam Khong we experience short bursts of heavy rain but generally in the afternoon or evening when the course is closed. We like this time of year because the air is fresh and crisp and all the plant life is blooming...
If it should look like rain during a tour, we still go for it and it can add to the fun. There is rainwear available on request.

What wildlife is in the forest?
Over 200 bird species and an impressive collection of monkeys, bears, wild boars, to name but a few.

What should I bring?
It can get chilly - we suggest you bring a light jacket and long pants if you have them and a pair of sports shoes or shoes that do not drop off. Nevertheless none of these items are crucial. A camera is good to bring for the action. Backpacks and sunglasses are an unecessary burden and there are storage facilities in the office when you arrive. It is also good to bring an open mind and a smile...

Skyline Adventure through the jungle of Chiang Mai Skyline Adventure through the jungle of Chiang Mai Skyline Adventure through the jungle of Chiang Mai Skyline Adventure through the jungle of Chiang Mai Skyline Adventure through the jungle of Chiang Mai

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