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One Day Tour Whitewater Rafting & ATV 35kms jungle trail
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We make this tour every day

Pick up time at your hotel or guesthouse is about 08:00 h.

We will be back in Chiang Mai at about 18:00 hours.


Tour itinerary

A drive from your accommodation in Chiang Mai by air-conditioned van to our camp. Then you will learn to ride the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on our training field. Then our guides will lead you to one of the most beautiful trails, lined with hills and mountains of the Chiang Dao Range and a huge spread of timber forest. To be admired are Akha and Lisu hilltribe villages along more than 40 kms. of jungle trails in offroad and makeshift conditions.

We will have lunch at a riverside camp and after our guides will brief you on paddling and river safety. Now comes the whitewater rafting, agreed by many guests to be one of the best in Southeast Asia. There are 14 rapids and gorges along the 10 kms route. After 2 hours of adventure we rafting stop at a downstream camp where you can change your clothes and have short leisure time before return back to Chiang Mai.

We will pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse in Chiang Mai and drive up the northern route to our camp site on the bank of the Mae Taeng River.

There you will have some leisure time and have lunch. Then our staff will instruct you on paddling and river safety to prepare you and your friends for the upcoming excitement. Then start rafting on the Mae Taeng River. A very exiting adventure with 14 rapids between grade 2 and 4.

After some recreation and refreshment we will return to Chiang Mai.

Things To Know

If you have a love of adventure, you can't do better than Chiang Mai, where you will find the Mae Taeng river Thailand's best whitewater. Thrilling, exhilarating, exciting, even relaxing, the Mae Taeng whitewater rafting experience is all this and more.
Rafting can run the gamut from calm, peaceful float trip that allows you to fully appreciate the spectacular scenery to a challenging adventure that stirs your adrenaline.

Is it safe?
Like all adventure sports, there is an element of risk in rafting. We follow strict safety precautions and have an exemplary record of safety on the water. Serious incidents are extremely rare. Guides go through rigorous training in water safety, rafting techniques and first aid before they ever take a commercial trip down the river.
The biggest danger on the river is failing to follow the instructions of your professional guide. Your guide knows the obstacles to avoid and the safest way to negotiate every rapid. Follow his or her instructions and you'll have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Do I need experience?
No experience is necessary to get started. The Mae Taeng river adventures are suitable for novices and experts alike. Experienced guides teach you paddling techniques and important maneuvers before you hit the big water. Prior experience is recommended for the high water period from August to September.

Do I have to know how to swim?
No, however for safety you must be able to maneuver yourself in the water with a life jacket holding you up.

What do the different classes of rivers mean?
Within the whitewater industry, rapids are classed according to the difficulty they pose. The least difficult are Class I, which novices can tackle with without a guide. Class II to Class V stretches of water require paddling skills and the kind of guidance provided by professional outfitters. Rapids in the Class VI category pose the ultimate challenge and are suited only for the most experienced paddlers.

Whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River Chiang Mai Whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River Chiang Mai Whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River Chiang Mai Whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River Chiang Mai Whitewater rafting adventure on the Mae Taeng River

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