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Water throwing at Songkran

Songkran in Chiang MaiIf you suffered from a repressed childhood, then is good therapy. The entire youth of the nation arm themselves with buckets, water-pistols - anything that can project water - and drench all but monks, the aged and mothers carrying very young children. Around the moats of the old city, the action is intense and the ice factories do such good business that you get a chill despite the heat!

Songkran in Chiang MaiYoung women should be prepared for sweet words to their ears while water is poured on their necks and shoulders by ardent young men. Wear clothes that you can be wet and happy in. Foreigners are always welcome targets so protect cameras, wallets, etc. in plastic bags.

In Chiang Mai water throwing begins as early as nine in the morning and goes until sundown. It continues for at least four days and longer in the countryside. Keep doors locked and windows closed if you don't want a high spirited reveler to empty a bucket or water-pistol into your vehicle. Drive slowly and beware of water hitting you at high velocity, especially if on a motorcycle.

Window to Chiang Mai