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The Three Javelins

Queen Chamadevi became famous for her tricks in defending herself and Chiang Mai against Viranga a powerful local king of the Lawa who wanted to marry her.

King Viranga even attacked Lamphun but was defeated by the queen's magic elephant which squashed Viranga's commander in a narrow gate now known as "Elephant Crush Gate" (this gate is located at the northern entrance of H106 to the old city).

According to legend, Viranga's final attempt to win Queen Chamadevi's hand, ended in his death. She promised marriage if Viranga could throw one of three spears into the middle of Haripunchai from a nearby mountain (thought to be Doi Suthep).

The queen, meanwhile, had offered Viranga the gift of a hat upon which she had smeared some of her menstrual blood. This trick successfully foiled Viranga's access to magical powers and his first two javelins fell short. Realizing he had failed, Viranga threw his third javelin directly upwards. Upon its descent it impaled his broken heart.

Window to Chiang Mai